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Łabowa - לאבאווא

Łabowa (in ukrain Labova) is a village in Nowy Sącz County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland. It is the seat of the gmina (administrative district) called Gmina Łabowa. It lies approximately 16 kilometres (10 mi) south-east of Nowy Sącz and 90 km (56 mi) south-east of the regional capital Kraków. Today the village has a population of 1,100.


Łabowa was owned for years by the well known Polish Princes Lubomirska Family, by evidence of the old Name of the town Lubomierz, the latest owner of that family was Prince Stanisław Lubomirski, he died in year 1782, then in year 1800 his widowed Princes Izabela Lubomirska (or by her name Elżbieta Izabela Czartoryska) sold the village for 54 thousand florins to Graf Franciszek Stadnicki (He had estates in the Polish Kingdom and Galicia, a total of seventeen keys; including Dukla and Rymanow) the owner of the nearby Village of Nawojowa (belonged to the Lubomirska family till 1753)


In the same year he gave privileges for Jews in Lubomierz / Łabowa to build a brick house (maybe it refers to a Synagogue), a brewery on the River Kamienica, burning vodka and conducting trade. These privileges received Wolf Hochhauser and his sons Jozefa and Moses or Samuel (State Archives of the Wawel, ANS 36).


200 years ago Labowa was considered as a Town, but a Small town, Labowa was the metropolitan of the surrounding Villages, in Labowa was 2 Churches, a Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic church, and there was a Market place were the peasants of the surrounding villages gathered to sold there goods, Unlike for the Jewish community there was a Synagogue and it was serving not only for the Jewish families of Labowa itself but also for the Jewish people lived in the surrounding villages.


In 1785 the village lands comprised 13.57 sq km. There were 515 Greek Catholics 15 Roman Catholics and 38 Jews

1840 - 757 Greek Catholics

1859 - 613 Greek Catholics

1879 - 638 Greek Catholics

1899 - 734 Greek Catholics

1926 - 833 Greek Catholics

1936 - 860 Greek Catholics

In 1936 there were 150 Roman Catholics and 400 Jews (

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