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The Labowa jewish Cemetery

Albert Hochhauser At entrance to Jewish Labowa cemetery. 2014

with the key keeper Adam Zaczyk

Link to the report on the Jewish Cemetery

don by the Society of Friends of the Earth Łabowa



the Society of Friends of the Earth Łabowa have written a report on the cemetery, written by Celina CEMP. we have copied the part she have reported the current condition on the cemetery, translated by Google translation


It is difficult to determine exactly when the cemetery was established. Certainly land for the cemetery was designated with the creation of the Jewish community, probably in the first half of the nineteenth century. On maps of the 1846 Austrian. plot currently existing Jewish cemetery is selected (we have find there a gravestone of year תר"ב-1842). 


The cemetery occupies a plot of two registration numbers: No. 623/1 - an area of 38 acres and No. 623/3 - 18 acres. Plots are separated from each other the way an area of 8 acres leading to the fields located above. 


From oral tradition that, before the war graves were located on both plots. Currently, there are only tombstones on a plot 623/1. On the second plot no tombstones, probably were stolen after the war in a building material or destroyed


In 1982.the cemetery was cleaned up by Jewish Polonia, fenced solid iron fence (in place of a fence from the grid), which spans were placed   on concrete ledges extending along the cascade plot 623/1. It was also made ​​solid bars of the gate decorated with motifs of the menorah and the gate decorated with a motif Star of David.


Overturned gravestones were mounted on concrete bases. The gate is closed, the keys are in the hands of authorized persons. Renovation work was financed by Mr. Leo Gatterer  derived from the Good k / Limanowej permanently residing in Frankfurt. 


Łabowa cemetery in the care of the Jewish Community in Krakow. Renovation work is commemorated by a marble plaque located at the gate on the left side with an inscription in Hebrew and Polish as follows: cemetery with a fence made ​​by Mr Leo Gatterer of the Good k / Limanowej, currently residing Guiollettstr. 25 60325 Frankfurt Tel. 069/729462. On the right side there is a marble plaque in Polish and Hebrew, which has the inscription: The cemetery of the Jewish community and the surrounding area Łabowa 1982.


The cemetery is clearly divided into three parts because of its location on the slope of a small hill. Parts of the cemetery creates a natural limit of two small ravines. From the road leading towards Uhrynia to the gate of the cemetery is located in the northern part of the lowest altitude. Nowadays there is the least tombstones, are the most damaged. The inscriptions on the tombstones are turned towards the north. The system does not create rows of tombstones or rows, as is the case in other parts.


The middle part is the grandest, has the most tombstones, some are in good condition, but most inscriptions can not be read due to significant losses in stone and general destruction.  All the gravestones in the middle set in 15 uneven rows are returned inscriptions west.  Highest altitude in the southern part is separated from the middle of a shallow transverse recess.  Matzevot set in 7 rows also have the orientation to the west. Buried here were probably znaczniejsi residents because it indicates ornamentation tombstones. 


Almost all the tombstones in the two uppermost rows in this section are the most damaged ii often consist of surviving piece. After the renovation in 1982. all preserved gravestones or parts thereof have been secured and upright. 


After the war preserved Jewish cemeteries were not treated with reverence. During the war, Germany destroyers synagogues, cemeteries vandalized. After the war, no one hurt courtyard paved with gravestones. In Łabowa most stone tombstones from being destroyed by time, weather conditions. The best preserved tombs in the middle. Often deposited during renovations on the basis of the stone itself the culmination preserved gravestones decorated with special ornaments or any surviving remnants of tombstones.


Number of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery łabowskim:


Northern Part I - 27 tombstones

Part II center - 15 rows = 154 gravestones

Part III South -  7 rows = 69 tombstones

Total: 250 gravestones


In various sources, including the Internet, given the number of surviving tombstones in Łabowa from 300 - 500 or gives them an undefined amount in the form of eg. A few hundred. Unfortunately, these data are inflated. Surely the Second World War or just after the war could have been much more tombstones, but not preserved in the   time of this description.....


While working on photographic material worked members of the Society: Anna Chronowska, CEMP Celina Junior High School and two students in Łabowa: James Lelito of Nowa Wies and Justyna Zaczyk of Maciejowa, while arranging the cemetery before you take pictures of Adam Zaczyk worked with his wife Krystyna and her son Gregory. They were cut to the ground, small shrubs and trees covering their gravestones. Society has made a photographic inventory of all the tombstones and will endeavor to translate well-preserved inscriptions. Text written Celina CEMP.



The plan plots the Jewish cemetery

(with the consent of the Mayor municipality Labowa).

 the Jewish cemetery Labowa

from this report we have learned that there is a big part of the Cemetery still not preserved, And it must somehow be done to uphold this part of the cemetery in the future, for example, the location must be fenced, and marked that this is part of the Jewish cemetery


with the help of this Society we have contacted the researcher Dorota Kulig who is working on the Inventory of the Gravestones, she have supplied us with the pictures of all gravestones, she have done by hard work of cleaning the stones, and constantly traveling to the Labowa cemetery, 


with her dedicated help, we found the gravestones of our Grandparents, and the grandparents of other families, we are working to list all people who are buried in Labowa, then we will post it here, members of the family have visited the Labowa cemetry, and Special prayers was done With a quorum of ten people.


we the descendants of the jewish community of Labowa, are appreciating the hard work done by the Society to clean up the cemetery and to maintain it in good state

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